Characteristics are described with a degree of granularity intended for die identification more so than for die classification. A characteristic may not span the entire die progression. Thus, not all characteristics may be present in any one coin.

OBVERSE ATTRIBUTES: The Date is set much further right than is normal and is slanted (Very Far Slanted Date). As a result of die polishing, the Ear is doubled at the right inside Wall. A die break is seen above the entire Phrygian Cap and has an elongated die break just before reaching the Cap Fold. That break continues through the Cap Fold exits into the Field and ends at the M in UNUM. A die break is also seen exiting the 4th Right Star with a very visible metal flow that runs to the Denticle below and continues through the gap between Denticles. Markers: None.

REVERSE ATTRIBUTES: None. Markers: None.

SPECIAL NOTE: VAMWorld's VAM-19A and VAM-19B MTP descriptions have been re-written to make clear that VAM-19A has a die break above the Phrygian Cap and has a die break at the 4th Right Star. The VAM-19B has the die break above the Phrygian Cap, but does not have the die break at the 4th Right Star.


  • This coin has all of the attributes associated with a VAM-19B. While it appears to be a VAM-19A, my Page Heading notes it as a Variety Not Certified (VNC) as it has not been certified as a VAM-19A by the PCGS, NGC, or ANACS. Nor has it been confirmed as a VAM-19A by VSS.
  • A number of die chips are seen along the route of the Obverse Stars. The most important die chips are located between the 7th Right Star and the E in the Obverse Motto, E PLURIBUS UNUM, and the die chip located to the right of the 1st Right Star.
  • Die cracks connect all 6 Right Stars and all 7 Left Stars are similarly connected. These cracks contain die chips, are thick and can be seen without a loupe.
  • Another important die crack is the one found running from under the Front Wheat Leaf, under the R in E PLURIBUS, and touches at the first U in E PLURIBUS. It appears to me that the aforementioned die crack is the Western portion of the die break found above the Phrygian Cap.
  • The Obverse shows the results of two separate clash events as two clash lines exit just below the joint of Lady Liberty's Jaw and Neck Line and run into the Field.
  • The Reverse also shows the results of the clash events as two clash lines are seen exiting the Eagle's Right Wing and heads in the direction of the n in the first word of the Reverse Motto, In God We Trust. One clash line reaches the n and the other barely gets off the Wing.
  • This coin doesn't show any sign of letter transfers that are sometimes produced when dies clash.
  • Clash marks are clearly seen under the Eagle's Neck.
  • Die cracks are seen on the Reverse as well; but not as bold as those seen on the Obverse. A crack is seen running from the F in STATES OF, crossing wing, and through the letters AMERIC. A very weak die crack is seen exiting the letter E of ONE DOLLAR and through the letters DO.

The Obverse Clash Lines were created by the clashing of the Eagle's Right Wing. The Reverse Clash Lines were created by the clashing of Liberty's Neck Line.

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rtm_1887_P_112117a rtm_1887_P_112117b rtm_1887_P_112117c rtm_1887_P_112117d rtm_1887_P_112117e rtm_1887_P_112117f rtm_1887_P_112117g rtm_1887_P_112117h rtm_1887_P_112117i rtm_1887_P_112117j rtm_1887_P_112117k rtm_1887_P_112117l rtm_1887_P_112117m rtm_1887_P_112117n rtm_1887_P_112117o rtm_1887_P_112117p rtm_1887_P_112117q rtm_1887_P_112117r rtm_1887_P_112117s rtm_1887_P_112117t

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Full Coin

rtm_1887_P_LFCP_112117a rtm_1887_P_LFCP_112117b

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