1878-S VNC-6 101018

Characteristics are described with a degree of granularity intended for die identification more so than for die classification. A characteristic may not span the entire die progression. Thus, not all characteristics may be present in any one coin.

OBVERSE ATTRIBUTES: The letters of the Obverse Motto, E. PLURIBUS UNUM, are doubled on surface. The Obverse Legend, LIBERTY, is doubled (shifted left and up). This Variety's fourth right star not broken. Markers: None.

REVERSE ATTRIBUTES: A feather located between the Eagle’s Right Wing and Leg has been engraved. Also, engraving lines are present between Eagle’s Right Wing and Body. The R in the last word of the Reverse Motto, In God We Trust, is broken. Marker: None

NOTE: This is a Top 30 1878-S Morgan Variey.

  • This coin has all of the attributes associated with the VAM-6. While this coin certainly appears to be a VAM-6, my Page Heading notes this as a Variety Not Certified (VNC) as it has not been certified by the PCGS, NGC, or ANACS as a VAM-6; nor has it been confirmed as a VAM-6 by the VSS.
  • The 1 in the Date appears to have a notch at the top left of the digit (as viewed), and at the left side of the column above the left foot (as viewed). The left inside rim of both upper and lower loops of the first 8 contain some type of matter. The 7 looks to be chipped or notched at the bottom of the flag.
  • The Ear may be doubled at the right inside wall. The outer edge of the Ear appears to be deterorating; I don't think it is a sign of doubling.
  • The 5th and 6th Right Stars show the same doubling, and deteroration-like features, that are present on the letters of the Obverse Motto. A Die scratch-like feature can be seen below the 6th Star. This may simply be Post Mint Damage (PMD).
  • The Mint Mark appears to be repunched (S/S). The information provided in VAMWorld's VAM-6 Page does not note the Mint Mark is repunched.
  • The Mint Mark appears to be set slightly to the right. To my knowledge, there is no listing of a 1878-S Morgan with a Mint Mark set right. It may be that the Mint Mark was not set sufficiently to the right to warrant such a listing.

Please see Section entitled Photographs of Special Interest, which contains photographs that have some additional features that are associate with VAM-6, may warrant additional study, or are just simply interesting to look at.

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Full Coin

1878-S VNC-6 RTM101018
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Date and Mint Mark

1878-S VNC-6 RTM101018
rtm 1878 S 101018a.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018b.jpg
Comment: Comment:
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Attributed Features

1878-S VNC-6 RTM101018
rtm 1878 S 101018c.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018d.jpg
Comment: LIBERTY is doubled to the left and up (Arrowed). Comment: The Obverse Motto is doubled (Arrowed).
rtm 1878 S 101018e.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018f.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 S 101018g.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018h.jpg
Comment: Comment: The R in Trust is broken (Arrowed).
rtm 1878 S 101018i.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018j.jpg
Comment: Engraving lines are seen between the Eagle's Right Wing and body (Arrowed). Comment: A smooth feather has been engraved between the Eagle's Right Wing and Leg (Arrowed).
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General or Noted Features

1878-S VNC-6 RTM101018
rtm 1878 S 101018k.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018l.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 S 101018m.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018n.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 S 101018o.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018p.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 S 101018q.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018r.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 S 101018s.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018t.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 S 101018u.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018v.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 S 101018w.jpg RESERVED FOR FUTURE USE.jpg
Comment: Comment:
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Photographs of Special Interest

1878-S VNC-6 RTM101018
rtm 1878 S 101018x.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018y1.jpg
Comment:The outer edge of the Ear shows signs of die deteroration (Arrowed). Comment: It appears that there is some doubling of the right inside wall of the Ear (Arrowed). May not have been sufficient to be called doubling.
rtm 1878 S 101018z.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018za.jpg
Comment: The 5th and 6th Right Stars show signs of doubling and deteroration (Arrowed). The notching of the points of the Stars (top arrow and bottom arrow) are strong indicators of doubling. Please also see the notching of the M just above the 6th Star. The M has already been determined to be doubled. Comment: The daggar-like feature below the 6th Star may be a minor planchet flaw (Arrowed). If it's such a flaw, it wouldn't be listable because it's not a die-created feature.
rtm 1878 S 101018zb.jpg rtm 1878 S 101018zc.jpg
Comment: The Mint Mark looks to be set slightly to the right. It apparently wasn't set sufficiently right to warrant that type of positional determination. Comment: The Mint Mark looks to be repunched; however, I have been told that it's actually a repunch. It is a typical Mint Mark for this series. Also, it might be my imagination but it looks like a long die file line runs from the right side of the ribbon end (as viewed), under the bow knot, and out the end of the left ribbon end (as viewed).


rtm_1878_S_101018a rtm_1878_S_101018b rtm_1878_S_101018c rtm_1878_S_101018d rtm_1878_S_101018e rtm_1878_S_101018f rtm_1878_S_101018g rtm_1878_S_101018h rtm_1878_S_101018i rtm_1878_S_101018j rtm_1878_S_101018k rtm_1878_S_101018l rtm_1878_S_101018m rtm_1878_S_101018n rtm_1878_S_101018o rtm_1878_S_101018p rtm_1878_S_101018q rtm_1878_S_101018r rtm_1878_S_101018s rtm_1878_S_101018t rtm_1878_S_101018u rtm_1878_S_101018v rtm_1878_S_101018w rtm_1878_S_101018x rtm_1878_S_101018y rtm_1878_S_101018y1 rtm_1878_S_101018z rtm_1878_S_101018za rtm_1878_S_101018zb rtm_1878_S_101018zc rtm_1878_S_DSC_0270a

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Full Coin

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