Characteristics are described with a degree of granularity intended for die identification more so than for die classification. A characteristic may not span the entire die progression. Thus, not all
characteristics may be present in any one coin.

1889-P VAM-23B Very early unclashed die state I-2 R-5 WR051921

Obverse: III2-21 Heavy die polishing removing die clash marks at neck, lower right hair vee, lips, cap back at ribbon and some roughness in fields. Roughness quickly reappears and new light
die clash single and later two diagonal lines appears at jaw-neck junction with die chip still later at neck point. Die retired shortly thereafter.

Die marker - Diagonal die polishing lines in ER of LIBERTY.

Reverse: C3a. Die not changed since no die clash marks appeared, except for very faint vertical line at n of In. Die fields relatively smooth with little wear. Die then re-used with VAM 7 III2 7 obverse.

Die marker - Fine die polishing lines at wing-neck gap.

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1889-P VAM-23B Very early unclashed die state WR051921

1889P wr051921 Obv LFCP.jpg 1889P wr051921 Rev LFCP.jpg
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Regional Landscape Very early unclashed die state

wr051921a.jpg wr051921b.jpg
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wr051921c.jpg wr051921d.jpg
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wr051921e.jpg wr051921f.jpg
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wr051921g.jpg wr051921h.jpg
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wr051921i.jpg wr051921j.jpg
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wr051921k.jpg wr051921l.jpg
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wr051921m.jpg wr051921n.jpg
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