Characteristics are described with a degree of granularity intended for die identification more so than for die classification. A characteristic may not span the entire die progression. Thus, not all characteristics may be present in any one coin.

1897-P VAM-1 EDS I1R2 AW110918

Obverse: III2-1
  • Date set at the Normal left position.
  • Dense polish marks in the LIBERTY band, wheat stalks/leaves, and hair curls.
  • Distinct vertical gouges in the ear opening.
Reverse: C3a.
  • Thick diagonal line at the inside top of the wreath bow.
  • Dense polish lines in the LTFs and scribbles zone. Thick line in LTF3-4.
  • Minor doubling of some leaves in the left and right wreath leaf clusters.
JB aka "messydesk": "I don't see the doubled 7 in that picture, the date's neither slanted nor outside the normal range, and there doesn't appear to be any doubling anywhere from what I can tell, so I'm at VAM 1 with this one. The doubled 7 isn't clear on the 97 VAM 4 page, but it is in the VAM book."
Loren: "This gets at the heart of the difference between die classification, die pair attribution, and die pair identification. The new date photographs, from my study, do not show doubling of any kind. Your coin does not need to identify with another student enrolled in the III2-1 class for the obverse to be classified III2-1. The date can be obviously near to the mid-point, but still near normal, and it is normal. Thus, your coin is still likely to be classified (obverse) as III2-1. Many students can attend the same class, but a single student can not attend multiple classes at the same time."
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Full Coin

1897-P VAM-1 EDS AW110918 Coin #1
1897P AW110918 Obv LFCP.jpg 1897P AW110918 Rev LFCP.jpg
Comment. Comment.
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1897-P VAM-1 LDS AW110918 Coin #2
1897P AW122218 Obv LFCP.jpg 1897P AW122218 Rev LFCP.jpg
Later Die State. Later Die State. Note the cracks.
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Date and Mint Mark

1897-P VAM-1 EDS AW110918 Coin #1
aw 110918a.jpg aw 110918h.jpg
Comment. Comment.
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Regional Landscape

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aw_110918a aw_110918b aw_110918c aw_110918e aw_110918f aw_110918g aw_110918h aw_110918i aw_110918j aw_110918k aw_110918l aw_110918m
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